Training reimagined.

Every company needs to train employees - but what separates the good onboarding from the great? Storytelling. With decades of experience in HR and a knack for comedy writing - our team delivers edutainment your team will love.

Give us your tired old training manual and we'll give it new life.

Our approach to script writing and concept development takes into account that the modern day employee is always on the go! Our stories are meant to be approachable and digestible - and even enjoyable! 

We create engaging graphics
to tell your story.
Customize the graphics to represent the diversity of your organization.

Your training videos are often one of the first touch points your new employee has with your brand! Make sure they are on point. Boring companies produce boring videos. But you're not boring right? Let our team help with the graphics and animation to bring your stories to life.

Need more than a few videos? Let us show you what we've done for companies like yours.

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