Meet the
Sandbox Tribe.

Identifying ourselves as a tribe accurately reflects who we are --
not only individually but as part of a larger whole.

Our passion for creating funny and engaging training videos for our clients is fueled by our dedication to doing so in an environment that is fun, supportive and healthy for our individual and collective well-being!

Logan, Graphic Designer
The ability to get into our collective heads when we are brainstorming and effortlessly extract the graphics we desire is what Logan does best, besides singing - oh yes - just like Janis Joplin (sorry ladies, he’s already found his red-neck girl), however don’t ever question his authority. Ok, yeah, maybe you should and then see what happens!

Jeanne, Creative Director
Wants to earn the epitaph 'she made a difference and already has in our lives and those around her.' Jeanne's ability to find humour in difficult situations makes the storyboarding process come alive. But help us all because when her partner gets a truck, every road side piece of furniture will become a “look, they're not going to throw that out - I can paint it and make it look like new again!" reclamation project.

Franco, Video Editor
Not only can he can edit together scenes that make our stories come to life, Franco can also name the flag of EVERY country in the world. We are NOT kidding - ask him! If that wasn't enough, he seems to always find amazing clothes in green (his colour)! Kind, generous, down the earth and such a family-oriented millennial that he gives the rest of us great hope for the future of our connected world.

In a world that often casts others aside because they don’t fit into the mold; we realized early on that what we shared as a tribe was unique and special. Our beliefs in living a good life, having fun at work and giving back formed the following values that each one of us live every day at work or play!


In everything we do and every human we connect with. It’s about listening, because everyone has a story; it’s about not being afraid to try something new; and recognizing that we ALL learn from things that don't work out as planned.


Everything you do, say, think, or act upon comes back to you, tenfold. It’s about being mindful of the impact that you have in all interactions.


Many of our tribe members have experienced hardship – hunger, financial stress, personal loss. Now that circumstances allow us to be generous, you can find anyone of our tribe volunteering their time, money, or both. It’s about having generosity of spirit in everything we undertake.


It’s about knowing that we won’t always get it perfect, but creating an environment where we can all learn from the circumstances and each other’s experiences.

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