Training Doesn't
Have To Be Boring.

It’s time for training to get an overhaul.
When’s the last time you had training that was engaging to watch and you felt like you actually learned something?

Cost Effective

Sandbox training videos cost less than traditional training methods.

Online System

A learning management system to host and track your videos.

Reinforce Your Brand

Branding your training at every step of the way.

The Sandbox Team is Here To Help! 
The creative team behind it all:
Franco, Video Editor
Logan, Graphic Designer
Jeanne, Creative Director.

More About Us

Bring Your Brand Into Our Sandbox! We are ready to reinvent your training process.

Let us help you bring your company to the forefront in training with animated characters that make it all come to life, and testing that makes learning a breeze! It's simple, it's easy, and it's fun to use!

Training That Can Happen Anywhere, Anytime. Our system makes administration a breeze! 

We believe that training should be fun, easy to use, anywhere, anytime. Videos are easy to access on multiple devices. This means employees can watch at their own pace, save their place and revisit when convenient. This is training reimagined!

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